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Hunting Treasure

* I meant to post this article on Tuesday, but I was super busy and not home most of the day. Just pretend that’s it’s still Tuesday for me. Ok thanks.

There is a hidden reserve (called Hidden Waters Reserve) near my house with a lot of different trails to hike. My sister and I decided to take an adventure on Monday and hiked one. We hiked one of the smaller ones because we didn’t go until later in the day and we were losing sunlight. I did happen to get a couple of treasures (by treasures I mean cool pics) on our little adventure and it was quite the workout hiking up those slightly steep inclines.

It seems a hobo attempted to build a shelter. (Sorry picture is a bit blurry. I was walking at the same time. Yoops.)

On our quest to find the ravine, we happened upon a tiny bridge made out of ply wood. So presh. I made my sister cross it first to make sure it was safe. I’m a good big sis.

When we got to the ravine, I thought the sign said this:

And thought to myself, “Don’t mind if I do mister sign.” But then I realized it actually said this:

Darn you sign! It was my sister’s fault. She was kind of blocking it.

We we starting to lose sunlight so we thought it would be best to head back. Then moon was already out because it was impatient and couldn’t wait for the sun to set any longer. Dear Mister Moon, Patience is a virtue.

On our venture back, we heard an owl ‘hooting’ and tried to track it. My sister is quite good at owl calls and was able to imitate its hoots. She would hoot, then he would hoot in reply. This went on for a while. We kept getting closer, but never found it. I guess he got bored with mocking us and decided to hunt mice instead. Jerk. i really wanted to see him.

This is my artistic picture of the day. Jealous much? Good.

I don’t know exactly what kind of insect this is. It looked like a dragonfly mixed with a butterfly. Maybe it was just a fancy dragonfly.

I thought this tree was cool. It kind of looks like giant witch arms reaching out to grab something. Watch out suckas!

You know, or just a cool canopy. Whatevs.

I decided to get all artsy and take a few black and white shots.

This here is a gofer hole. In black and white. Artsy.

Look another artsy B&W. It’s either berries or deer poop or both. You decide.

View of another trail.

View of trees in distant. I used this picture because of the dragonfly in the shot. It kind of looks like and airplane. or dinosaur.

One last picture of the moon. With an airplane flying by! Yes this one is a real airplane. Or maybe jet? it was moving pretty fast.

This bench was at the end of the trail. We sat on it and rested our tired little legs.

We had a fun “Hunting Treasure”. I hope to go again soon and hike some of the other trails.

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Taking Pictures While Running

Have you ever seen the movie Yes, Man? If you have (or haven’t), Zoey Deschanel’s character has a photography jogging group. The go for a jog through the mountains and take pictures whilst doing so. I thought that was a cool idea and wanted to try it out. So this morning for my run I took my camera with me. I went around sunrise and thought it’d be the perfect time. It was beautiful. My pictures, not so much (as expected of course). Here’s how they turned out:

 Of course I also decided to take some still pictures too. To make up for the shaky running ones.

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