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Motivation Monday [2/10/14]


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Motivation Monday [1/27/14]


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Fitness Funny [1/24/14]


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Motivation Monday [1/20/14]


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New Years Resolutions (Even though January is almost half over).

I never got a chance to post my New Years Resolutions. Or I like to think of them as goals.  I got the flu really bad two days before Christmas and it lasted until a few days after the new year. I still have a cough that acts up on cold days and I’ve gotten busy with work. All this has put me in a non-blogging mood. Right now I should be in bed, but apparently a blogging mood has struck! Anyways, I’ve come up with some health conscious resolutions that I hope to fulfill this year. I’ve been thinking about them for a while and have decided that these will be good to get me healthy and into shape.

Since 2012 I have been sick off and on. I was extremely sick for most of 2012, had my surgery in October of that year and then spent most of last year recovering and being sick. I think having the surgery kind of threw my immune system out of whack. I’ve never gotten that sick that often in my life. This year I hope to do as much as I can to prevent that. My weight also went up and down a lot. In 2012, when I first got sick, I lost quite a bit of weight in a small amount of time. After the surgery I gained it all back and then some; and by some I mean a lot. This is where these goals come in.

  1. Develop a better sleep pattern. My main problem I have is getting enough sleep. I’ve battled with insomnia for most of my life and I want to finally get it under control this year. I think once I start sleeping better, my other goals will fall into place.
  2. Take my vitamins. This sounds small, but I found out from the doctor last year that I was actually deficient and a few important vitamins (D, B-12, Omega-3). So taking my vitamins well help get me healthy again.
  3. Develop a healthier eating habit. This one is hard especially as a hairstylist. We tend to just eat when we can and what we can. I want to get into the habit of taking my lunch to work, as well as a few healthy snacks. I also want to make sure that I eat throughout the day instead of waiting until I’m starving and then binging of junk food. As well as kick my habit of eating out after I get off work. I’m usually too tired to cook, so I’ll start making my dinners on my days off to last the week.
  4. Start exercising again. I’ll admit I haven’t exercised in a while. I’ve either been to sick or too excuse-y (yeah I just made that word up. It means being full of too many excuses for not doing something.) to exercise. I’m going to start small and ease my way back into it. That way I won’t give up too quickly.
  5. Stop being excuse-y. I tend to talk myself out of things by coming up with a million excuses. I want that to stop. I’m going to drop the excuses and just do it. Like Nike says.

Well these are the goals that I have so far. What are some of your New Years Goals?

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Fitness Funny [12/6/13]


Yet again I am slacking on this blog. On the plus side, my other blog is doing good []. I will come back to this blog after the new year [just a few weeks away]. I haven’t gotten back on track yet with my eating and exercise. I’m making a recipe book and meals plans though to get me back. Right now I’ll still post motivation and funnies.

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Motivation Monday [11/25/13]






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